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     "Seeing Double"

For this project I filmed my own footage, and used After Effects and Maya to create the effects. I used After Effects to create the appearance of twin Dharmas and the glitter sneeze. I used Maya to place the teddy bear on my bed. Finally, I used After Effects once again to combine all three effects.

     Animation Demo Reel

Here is a video of my best animations. All were animated using Maya and I put the video together in Adobe Premiere.

     Lighting and Compositing Demo Reel

I created this project using Maya, Adobe After Effects, and Substance Painter. All of the diner elements were modeled by me in Maya, and I textured everything using Substance Painter. Once all my frames were rendered, I put it all together in After Effects. 


This is an idea I had as an intro to a fake game called "Pick-a-Portal." The concept was that the player would get to cycle through the different destination portals and then select which they would like to explore. I created this project using Houdini and Adobe After Effects.  I created the moving rings and "Pick-a-Portal" title using particles in Houdini and then rendered the frames out. I then took the rendered frames into After Effects, and added pictures of different destinations for each portal.

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